After Break

After Break
Glad to be back on track.
Those two days of quality rest
definitely going to be beneficial to my brain and body.
Even that I still haven’t recovered completely.
I feel much better when I am
keep on moving.
Even when I am working I feel like I could be doing things better,
could be doing things different ways,
could make more out of what I’ve got.
You might think that this is not healthy attitude.
But I would like to assure you that I am very happy with my life, with what I’ve got and progress I make.
I just wanna become the best I can possibly be and constantly improve.
I believe we all should live this way as life is very short and we only deserve what we earn!
I don’t only mean workouts in the gym or physical activities.
I mean in general, we should educate ourselves improve our lifestyle get rid of all the abstraction and help others to improve their lives.
As some good person said:
If you wanna be successful you should help others (less fortunate) to build their success.
That’s my reason why I wanna improve as a martial artist,instructor and fighter.

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