Beginning of the week.

Beginning of the week.

Tuesday I have started very average.
Woke up 6am(with my wife), took my dog and left for jog 6/7miles.
Still feeling rough and bit heavier after eating some polish cakes over the Easter. (I was only eating small bites but there was so many different types of them and I had to try them all).
Quick shower and practise of meditation.
I am not an expert but I really believe in power of meditation.
There is many reasons why it could improve your life.
I will say more about it some other time.
I had quite few things to catch up on in my office work so I had to spend some time covering that ground.
I wanted to leave earlier for our Gukwoone training so I could do bit of leafleting. Haven’t managed.
Made it to the Gukwoone just on time.
Straight after 2 hours of Gukwoone I am driving to the other gym for our
GuruMuayThai training.
Hour and half of GuruMuayThai and finally driving back to East London have a bit of rest.
Wednesday begins very similar.
6am jog, meditation, breakfast.
Then catching the bus to central London to one of the gyms I am a member.
My plan is to work on my kicks.
For one and half hours kicking heavy bag.


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