Being the corner man.

Being the corner man.

Two minutes round.
Through that short period of time during which your brain goes over countless emotions.
You are not always able to see the opportunities you have or mistakes you make.
You are not always able to judge the situation correctly.
You got two choices: lesson to your inner self,which is probably arguing with your body.
Or you can replace your thoughts with voices from your corner.
As a fighter myself I know exactly how much you relay on your corner man taking the fight and how much it can change the way that fight goes with right help.

In these few minutes all the bond you got with your coaches and team mates can influence your performance a lot.Good vibration,trust and understanding are more important than experience itself.
Tonight me and  couple of my GuruMuayThai team mates have been coaching our 17 years old student during his fight for British title in full contact kickboxing.
Watching some of the coaches guiding their fighters, as we were waiting for our turn,brought few conclusions to my head.
If your directions are going to be chaotic and nervous, most likely that’s how your fighter is going to perform.
As a leader I have to compose myself and stay calm.Talk clearly and essential.Don’t try to change your fighters nature and teach him new things while in the ring or even just before the fight.
Help him to bring out the best of him.Make him believe in his abilities and feel confident.
Surely, you got to correct the mistakes but not by putting more stress and doubt on him than he has already got.
I think that this principals can be used in many other professions by other leaders to help their team achieve the best they could.

photo Krystian Ozog
Instructor/Trainer/Fighter, GMMA Academy


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