Bit of chill out.

Bit of chill out.
Sunday was an advertisement day.
Spent some time on fixing up our posters around the gym area and distributing our leaflets.
When I got home late afternoon, caught up on our on line adds.
And fallowed up bit of my to do list established  on Saturdays meeting.
Rest of the Sunday I have spent with my Wife.
Monday morning has started very usual.
One extraordinary thing waiting for me this morning was a bit of chill out time at one of massage and spa place, East London.
That was my birthday present and I think I couldn’t get anything better than that.
Massage, swimming pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi.
I have really enjoyed it!
Straight after-back to  reality!  🙂
There is a lot to be done before boxing training this evening.
Also my plans for this week are very tight.

Time is running and I think I should start focusing on the thaiboxing fight coming up 16/17 of May.

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