Taekwondo tournament.

Sunday Morning,5 am.Quick bowl of porridge with spoon of honey and chopped banana.Packed my lunch,dinner,protein shake and bag of mixed nuts as a snacks.Double checked all equipment and left home heading for East London meeting point of our team.Coach full of fighters and their relatives plus few  fully packed cars left at 6:30 am.All going […]

New challenge!

If you keep on doing this same things, you are going to stay this same.To make a changes, to improve, to get where you wanna be.You got to put some action! You got to set up your goals,  educate yourself, create your plan and make it work.You cannot be afraid of changes, you got to […]

My little Thailand.

Morning jog,meditation, breakfast sprints, pad work and kickboxing sparring with one of my students,homemade dinner and relaxing while filling up my diary and documents. Boxing training with lots off sparring then quick snack on the bus to central London where I am going to finish off with some thaiboxing sparring…It was ones again very good […]

Your brain is your weapon.

 As i have mentioned in my previous post,my actual training is divided in two:technique and accuracy,speed and conditioning. Where speed and conditioning are the main part of preparation for my next thaiboxing fight.Wanna push myself over the limit, stimulate my brain so the only two things can stop me during the fight ;bell or referee. […]

Grading preparation.

Last three days were very technical with some extra conditioning and speed workouts in between.Sir has brought couple off plans out to life.One off them was part of our Thai boxing grading schedule and patents.My job is to make sure that all students including myself are ready for the grading.That’s why i have to spend […]

Importance of the right nutrition.

Wednesday was another great active day;  Morning routine, meeting with Sir (my Coach), then few businesses related activities. All that was slowed down by second day of tube strike and  extremely busy roads.Evening boxing session, once again, very progressive. One of our routine before the training starts and after it finishes is checking our weight.So […]

Bit of chill out.

Sunday was an advertisement day.Spent some time on fixing up our posters around the gym area and distributing our leaflets. When I got home late afternoon, caught up on our on line adds.And fallowed up bit of my to do list established  on Saturdays meeting. Rest of the Sunday I have spent with my Wife. […]

On the move

Last two days were pretty progressive.On the move since 6am to midnight.My routine has got broken a bit but it was for good  reason.Mornings has started as usual, jogging with my dog.After meeting Sir and sorting out few business related things. I’ve barely made it for Gukwoone session at Croydon (south London).London’s traffic can really […]


Woke up as usual at 6am. Shortened my morning jog a bit due to the further plans.Further plans including sprints in the park near by one of my friends and training partners home.We started of light jog and bit of stretching. Then made our 200m routine a bit more interesting, one of us would pass […]

Beginning of the week.

Tuesday I have started very average. Woke up 6am(with my wife), took my dog and left for jog 6/7miles.Still feeling rough and bit heavier after eating some polish cakes over the Easter. (I was only eating small bites but there was so many different types of them and I had to try them all).Quick shower […]

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