Confidence and humbleness

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Feel good about yourself, you are still under construction

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Running on the treadmill

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Train to be patient

After yesterday’s

Am I “There” yet?

As a human beings we have got an incredible gift from mother nature: our complex brains.Depends on how we are able to use and control this powerful and still undiscovered part of our beings. Our brains/minds can be our best ally or our worst enemy.We can create an amazing things, learn unusual skills, inspire others […]

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Do your best everyday / every round

Three, Five, ten or twelve…It doesn’t really matter how many rounds is your next fight if you are not going to put all your work right from the beginning it is going to be extremely hard to change the verdict even if you pick your work rate up in the later stages. Basically you are […]

“You got a dream… You gotta protect it”

I am well behind when it comes to movies. Only recently good friend of mine, great film connoisseur has told me that i should watch one of his favourite storytelling movies, released in year 2006. Movie featuring Will Smith, “The pursuit of happyness “.As usual I couldn’t watch it in one whole piece. It took […]

Prepare yourself, believe in yourself and do your best

Day after my last fight I was talking to one of my

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