Behind the scenes

Summer Olympic Games period is one of those magic and rare times when most of the world gets touched and inspired by sport-ship, rivalry and challenge that it brings along. For those couple of weeks almost all of us fallows sports which some of them we didn’t even knew they exist. We follow progress of […]

You don’t run, you don’t fight.

You don’t run,you don’t fight.I’ve heard this saying while ago in the gym and personally I have took it deep into my heart.The further you get with your fighting experience the more it takes.Every little ability can make huge difference on that final decision on the referees score cards. I believe that the real fight […]

Yoga for fighters.

For a long time I’ve been planning to try some yoga classes. Recently I’ve been looking for some new ways of improving my flexibility and some new stretching techniques.  As one of my PT student couldn’t make it today,I have started planning my own afternoon training. Checking the schedule of the classes in one of […]

Growing together.

At GMMA Academy we do believe in team work. We do believe that we can only improve, once everything around us improving too.When I see our students getting better, stronger, wiser in fighting and martial arts.I am very excited, because I know that I am a part of that development.At this same time I do […]

Power of mind 2

While ago one of our GMMA student and fighter was competing in very important for him fight.It was a title fight. Personally I see him as a great potential.His attitude to the training, consistency and dedication gives amazing results.He is one hard working guy.We have done a lot of extreme training together and I have […]

Power of mind

Everything in our life has been controlled  by our brains. Don’t matter what circumstances we are in,only we can block ourselves or push to the next level.The more I train,fight and work with people,the more I understand about humans brain mechanism.Our minds will naturally look for the shortcuts and play some games with us. They […]

Right here, right now.

During our workouts, uphill sprints at the training camp, I have spotted one of our students falling behind and not pushing hard enough.Asking him for the reason. Answer I’ve received was that “I am saving some energy for later”.Then I have replied that “there is no later”.Is only here and now what counts.How many times […]

Training camp.

Last weekend we,GMMA Academy,have travelled to Wales for training camp.Trained with local Thai boxing gym “Celtic Pride” on Saturday morning.They are very passionated,respectful and friendly crowd.When we got back to our place we have done some more workouts,pad work and drills.After having some snacks and a bit of rest we all jumped in the minibus […]

From the ring to everydays life.

In the ring, as in our life,time verifies those who is stronger.Time shows whose mind, body and soul has been prepared better.I believe everyone will agree with me that it is not difficult to be polite and willing to understand others while we are in good mood. While everything works great for us.It is not […]

Being the corner man.

Two minutes round.Through that short period of time during which your brain goes over countless emotions.You are not always able to see the opportunities you have or mistakes you make.You are not always able to judge the situation correctly.You got two choices: lesson to your inner self,which is probably arguing with your body.Or you can […]

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