I find my inspiration everywhere!

Saturday morning. Driving my car to West London, through very peaceful and and clear (compare to last night) North circular road.Straighting up my plans of action for this weekend in my head. Once got drawing ready in my thoughts, pressed the play button on my stereo where the newest album of Ed Sheeran has been […]

Stay positive

As I have mentioned before, my martial arts experience is something that helps me many different ways.As a fighter I work on conditioning of my body and brain. Practise how to stay focused under the pressure and how to learn from defeat. As a instructor I do learn how to work with people and always […]

Do what you believe in!

I believe that everyone of us asking himself that question when setting up new ambitious goal.Do I have what it takes? In my case question was.Can I become world champion in kickboxing? Can I really coach others?Can I do it all, help some people and care for my own family at this same time? This […]

Sharing energy

It was an amazing and very productive weekend for GMMA Academy!We all learnt another lesson and earned more experience.Performing and sharing our values at great event at one of  West London academy’s visited by over hundred thousand people.Gukwoone and GuruMuayThai Students,all together created fantastic show with some great atmosphere.Our youngest students couldn’t hide their excitement […]

Mental Strenght

Mental strength is one of main aspects that we are working on at GMMA Academy.It is something that I have to constantly work on myself. Waking up early in the morning and going for long jog,running fifty times hundred metres sprints one after the other,thousand kicks in a row on the heavy bag and many […]

My lifestyle

Passionated about the martial arts and sports.Constantly trying to educate myself more and more.Studying different techniques of fighting and training,learning about anatomy,psychology and diet.As an active GMMA fighter practising and adjusting all methods on myself. Learning process as in any other professions has got its ups and downs i am going through victory’s and failures.Strongly […]

Meditation on the go.

Time -we all wish we could have a bit more of it to use.But if we were able to get an extra hour or two in a day by some magic power. Wouldn’t we still wish for more?I do know that sometimes even if you are “Napoleon” when it comes to planning your day it […]


Why do we practise weapons? GMMA academy uses four types of weapons. At the Gukwoone training we are working with: double sticks, nunchak, tonquas and sai. In GuruMuayThai training we are using double sticks  instead of swords as in the ancient MuayThai style called Krabi Krabong. There is many ways that training with weapons can […]


I believe that persistence is the key word to achieve any of our goals, don’t matter what profession,scale or nature they are.  If you are student,teacher,builder,businessman,scientist,artist or athlete. Whatever you do,if you believe in the end results,you got to make a plan (your plan can always adjust while you get more experience and some of […]


When i first started my adventure with kickboxing I’ve heard saying from one of my colleagues that “belt is design to hold the trousers”.Basically what it was meant to say that it doesn’t really matter what belt someone wear he can still get bitten.After all those years of practise going through different stages,different experiences,different levels […]

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