What’s my reward?

How do I measure my success? How do I see my progress? What’s the biggest reward for me as a GMMA fighter, instructor and student? As a fighter:Some people say “you are as good as your last performance”(fight, match, race, etc…).I see It differently.You are a good fighter as long as you learn and and […]


I do believe that stretching is one of the key points of every physical training we do.Don’t matter what kind of sports you practise.Stretching before training is going to help you worm up your body and make your blood flow more freely. Stretching after will prevent the crumbs,joints injures and tightness of your muscles.In general […]

Train like crazy, rest like lazy.

Sometimes, specially at young age we think that we are indestructible. Sometimes we are just toughening up ourselves by constantly pushing over the limit. There is nothing wrong with pushing that little bit extra and and trying harder to get stronger, better and closer to our goal. But all that should be done with great […]

GMMA Academy concept.

GMMA–GuruMuayThai and Gukwoone mixed martial arts Academy.  As the word “Academy”clearly says, our aim is to educate. We help our students learn new skills while they improve they physical,mental and spiritual abilities.  What we wanna spread around is way beyond just kicking and punching. We passing over values that we learnt along with our martial […]

Working on the techniques.

It is “silence after the storm”.Before i will start preparing for next fight i can spend a bit of extra time on learning new and shaping up other techniques. Concentrate on GuruMuayThai gradings patents,improve my Gukwoone skills. Work more precise on my boxing footwork and and drill the punches to perfection.Morning sessions i spend some […]

Active Recovery.

Physical,technical,tactical and mental preparation for the fight,dropping weight and going through different emotions.All of that takes some energy out of you.That’s way your body and brain need good rest after.As they say “Bow cannot be tense all the time”, so  is good if you canallow yourself for a bit of recovery.First thing i have reached […]

Fight day

Saturday 17/05/2014 5am.I’ve woke up and hardly got of the bed.Didn’t go sleep till late last night.Couldn’t have any breakfast simply because my weight is just on the edge.So packed my bag and went outside,where two of my team Mates has shortly arrived to pick me up. We drove to London Euston station where we […]

Preparation days.

Gukwoone, thaiboxing, boxing, taekwondo, whatever I wouldn’t do last couple of weeks I do it with that extra push of the speed work in preparation for Saturdays fight.Luckily both taekwondo and boxing teams are in preparation for the fights so I can use it for my own needs. This morning I’ve meet Sir for some […]

Taekwondo tournament.

Sunday Morning,5 am.Quick bowl of porridge with spoon of honey and chopped banana.Packed my lunch,dinner,protein shake and bag of mixed nuts as a snacks.Double checked all equipment and left home heading for East London meeting point of our team.Coach full of fighters and their relatives plus few  fully packed cars left at 6:30 am.All going […]

New challenge!

If you keep on doing this same things, you are going to stay this same.To make a changes, to improve, to get where you wanna be.You got to put some action! You got to set up your goals,  educate yourself, create your plan and make it work.You cannot be afraid of changes, you got to […]

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