Easter Friday.

Woke up feeling very rough. Medicine I have took before the sleep haven’t helped as I hoped it would. I guess it is to late.Had got mixed feelings about this morning training for two reasons. One was the question if it is not going to affect me even more. Two was if it is not […]

Thursday my rest Day!

Woke up as usual 6 o clock in the morning, took my beloved dog (Rumba) for jog,dropped my wife off to the station then got prepared for all day.First stop this morning was printers shop as they emailed me that our sample tshirt is going to be ready today.Collected tshirt thought that it looks great […]

My first post.

You might think that I’m coming from nowhere and starting from the middle.Long time I’ve been looking for right introduction,title and beginning.Finally just decided to “write”!If you follow my blog  you will understand what I’ve got to share.Briefly: My name is Krystian Ozog I’m 29 years old Polish Lad leaving in London/UKsince 2005.I would love […]


To inspire, to guide, to educate, to gather, to share with the Art of GMMA Academy. It’s not just a sport > it’s a way of Life ! Whatever your goal may be: losing weight, gaining confidence, competing or just generally becoming a fitter and healthier person you may want to consider GuruMuayThai. First of […]

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