Student Feedback

Student Feedback

This testimonial came from a students parents:

My son joined Gukwoone when he was 5 and I have seen him grow in confidence. He treats everyone with respect and knows the barriers to real life situation at the age of 6 now.

He’s become professional and positive in what ever challenge gets put in front of him. He has become very strong physically and mentally but knows that using Gukwoone in a wrong manner will not justify the teaching of his teachers.

On a personal and honest note my son Gurnek Singh Sandhar has told me that his role model is his Gukwoone Teachers and that when he grows up he wants to be like them. For a parent what more does we want, child to have a mental and physical attitude to be successful with the humbleness in his heart which is only taught at Gukwoone.

I am blessed that my son is involved in this organisation.

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