Easter Friday.

Easter Friday.
Woke up feeling very rough.
Medicine I have took before the sleep haven’t helped as I hoped it would.
I guess it is to late.
Had got mixed feelings about this morning training for two reasons.
One was the question if it is not going to affect me even more.
Two was if it is not going to affect my training partner Michael.
But because I said my word to Michael that we will train this morning I decided to perform.
Fallen sleep in the train, had to come back few stops.
We did run on the treadmill for about half an hour as a worm up.
Then stretched and moved straight to 1hour sparring 3min rounds and 30sec breaks.
Had long hot shower after.
My hole body specially head feels like on fire.
Sometimes this kind of work out helps.
But not this time.
So rest off the day I am going to spend at home recovering and doing my office work.
I am also planning to start preparing for the gradings.
I have always believed that what is not going to kill you is going to make you stronger.
But as I’ve got very busy lifestyle I have to listen to my body and adjust.

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