Easter Saturday.

Easter Saturday.
Had a long sleep last night.
Took a some paracetamol and aspirin before went to bed.
What has made me sweat a lot and had attacks of cough.
I’m not complaining or trying make myself hero.
Everyone get sick and a lot of people has to cope with it go to work or carry on with some other activities.
I wanna share with you the way I feel right now (while I am writing).
And wanna let you know how I deal with it and how does it affects or help with my progress as a Instructor, Student and Fighter.
My day has started at 9am,had to skip the routine (jogging, meditation, even walking the dog), as I woke up too late.
Quick breakfast, packed my bags,
left to bank and weekly meeting with Mrs.
As usual I have learn few new tricks when it comes to use of public media, advertising and sharing.
There is few new administration tools we going to be using and I’ve got introduced to.
Monthly newsletter and grading program in progress.
Usually after the Saturdays meeting I rush to PT lesson with one of my five years old client but due to Easter holidays he has a short break.
My next stop is our Thai boxing session.
Driving to the gym I am adjusting my training plan for today’s training.
Each time I wanna make it different and beneficial for every student.
I always make at least two or three different plans depending on number of students and their ability.
Today’s class was very small (due to the Easter holiday I guess).
We still pushed it hard and spent some time on the techniques.
I have joined for some of the workouts and sparring at the end but because of my little health issue I have focused more on helping others.
Now I am on the train to New Milton
where I am going to join my wife, sister in law and lovely dog.
We are going to have Easter Sunday break with our good friends from Poland.

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