From the ring to everydays life.

From the ring to everydays life.
In the ring, as in our life,time verifies those who is stronger.
Time shows whose mind, body and soul has been prepared better.
I believe everyone will agree with me that it is not difficult to be polite and willing to understand others while we are in good mood. While everything works great for us.
It is not a big deal to help your works colleague, when everything is smooth with you duties.
It is very average to let that oncoming car drive in front of you, when you are not in a hurry and you having positive day.
It’s isn’t that hard to give some spare change to someone in need when your wallet is full as well as your bank account.
I am not saying that we shouldn’t do it.
We definitely should!
It’s up to us if we having positive thoughts and being nice to others.
It makes us feel better and doing that make world a better place.
However in life, just like in the ring what develop you as a human being as well as fighter is how you go through your hard times.
Can you stay focused and continue your plan as you are under pressure?
Can you remain calm and strongly move forward as your opponent giving you extreme resistance and trying to put you down.
How you deal with obstacles in front of you?
The way I prepare my self for both; life and fight situations is constant training of my mind, body and soul.
I set up training routine according to my weekly plans and don’t matter how I feel and what follows after I am executing my plan.
My body feels tired most of the time. But I know that only by keeping strong mind and not allowing myself for excuses I can become better as a instructor, student and fighter.
One thing works for me to keep this spirit going is reminding myself everyday reasons why do I do all this?
What do I want to achieve?
And who do I wanna become? 
photo Krystian Ozog
Instructor/Trainer/Fighter, GMMA Academy


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