To inspire, to guide, to educate, to gather, to share with the Art of GMMA Academy. It’s not just a sport > it’s a way of Life !

Whatever your goal may be: losing weight, gaining confidence, competing or just generally becoming a fitter and healthier person you may want to consider GuruMuayThai. First of all the class environment is very friendly and definitely a more easy class to settle into unlike many other martial arts classes or similar areas. The instructors are very professional and can adjust to whatever your goal is, and apply the specific type of training to you for you to reach that goal. Athletically the classes cover many aspects of fitness including cardio and strength through high intensity training, just as much as lower intensity exercise and building strength.You do all of this while also learning how to defend yourself in a real life situation incase you have to. The nature of the class and sport of Muay Thai also lets you learn to move in ways you thought you could not, or wanted to learn to. This can be achieved through the punches kicks and other techniques you learn but also general good body movement, balance and flexibility that is practiced in class. However, if your looking to go further into the sport such as competing, GuruMuayThai has a very good team and history behind it and will give you the support to reach that point. Other than becoming healthier through the physical side of Muay Thai, you can also reach a strong confident and peaceful state of mind. By becoming capable of doing new things and learning what you are not able to do you can become more confident in yourself, and use what you learn about yourself to help you in life outside of class.

It is a perfect place for a child to learn to grow in confidence and break barriers within themselves which they might fear.

Children are taught self discipline and how to treat others with respect. The teachers are very professional and very understanding to the children’s needs.

The Aim of Gukwoone is to make children into very successful ­humble human beings, with the discipline and self confidence to adjust to any real life situations.

The Uniforms are very professional and smart which represents everything Gukwoone stands for, children look smart and feel they are part of a growing system which is helping them eat and think healthier.

I not only do I recommend this to all parents for there children to join, I recommend parents to be part of this and support there child.


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