Grading preparation.

Grading preparation.

Last three days were very technical with some extra conditioning and speed workouts in between.
Sir has brought couple off plans out to life.
One off them was part of our Thai boxing grading schedule and patents.
My job is to make sure that all students including myself are ready for the grading.
That’s why i have to spend some extra time on practising and drilling movements which Sir has passed on to me.

Also i have to fallow my routine and  put some additional work on speed and conditioning due to Thai boxing fight coming up in two weeks time.
Doing all this and many other job related things together needs a good planning.
Day is to short!!!
That’s why i love what i do; because it isn’t only kick and punch game, it isn’t only about fancy moves.
It is far more than that. Martial arts in my understanding is a combination of physical,mental and ethical aspects which are defined by beautiful and practical moves.
Another reason why I love it is because even that i am constantly learning and still trying to get more experience i can share what i know and help others on my way.

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