When i first started my adventure with kickboxing I’ve heard saying from one of my colleagues that “belt is design to hold the trousers”.
Basically what it was meant to say that it doesn’t really matter what belt someone wear he can still get bitten.
After all those years of practise going through different stages,different experiences,different levels and meeting up as well as practising different styles.
I do completely disagree.
Of course everyone can be beaten,everyone can be defeated.
Every martial art and combat sport has its own strategy,philosophy and usage.
Saying I would like to create in this case sounds “Show me your belt I’ll be able to tell you who you are”.
Lets not talk about others,concentrate on what i know the best.
In GMMA Academy you really have to earn you position.

Doesn’t mater if you training Gukwoone,thaiboxing with GuruMuayThai or mighty both.
Higher you go the higher standards you hit.
It need a lot of self discipline,many hours of practise believe in yourself and basically hard work to reach up to the top.
To get to higher level is not enough to be fit and flexible.
You need to train your body and brain at this same time.
You need to show your confidence and humbleness and respect at this same time.
Everybody can swing his arms and legs,but doing it right way with right attitude takes a lot of work.
And something you worked hard for like this is going to stay with you forever.

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