Great Team work of GMMA Academy

Great Team work of GMMA Academy
What a great Saturday that was! 
Two very successful events in one day.
On days like this; teamwork and flexibility plays a key roles in the final outcome.
After few months of helping with building and shaping up, great community project for local Children in Brentford, London. The Day of the show has finally came.
Saturday 19th of November “Transform Kids” event run by Arriane Eva Morrin, founder and director of “Foundation Nutrition Trust” has begun at 12 pm in Watermans theatre.
Lots of fun, games, exercise and nutrition based education for children and parents are just few highlights of the event.
Amongst the hip hop dance, basketball games and cheer leading activities GMMA Academy, more precise Gukwoone Martial Arts students have also found a slot to share their passion and knowledge with other Kids.
As the theme of the show was superheroes and superpowers, all of our students would wear masks and capes on top of they uniforms and would use their supers kills to help others.
Very positive and educating day for all of us!
Second part of the day was a bit more intense as I had seven of our fighters, coaches and supporters waiting for me in Balham, South London at “Fight Night 8” kickboxing show.
Promoter of the show, great friend of ours and head coach of Scorpion kickboxing gym, named Jason,  was kind enough to reschedule our matches to a second half, so I could get to the venue by then.
Mr Jason is a professional, flexible and honourable man who runs unprofitable kickboxing shows to give Martial artists like him and us opportunity to practice and rise some money in help local charities at this same time.
It is a great pleasure to work with people like Mr Jason, his wife and his Team.
However we did not come there to tap each other on the back 🙂 
But to do our business as a fighters and coaches.
As I have mentioned we had seven matches on the night.
All of them were on beginner level.
The spirit was great!
When I have arrived  (1 hour after show has started) all of our team was focused and they kept together.
Preparing, relaxing and getting their minds and bodies ready for fight.
Our coaches and students who came to support have taken great care of all the fighters helping them physically and mentally to stay sharp.
I was really proud and impressed seeing great team work  that was put by everyone who came along.
It reminded me our old days, when competition day was more of a day out than a stressful exam.
We had fighters age from 7 to 24 years old. All of them beginners, with one or none fights on their record. But the spirit was there as if they were already doing it for some time and as if it was nothing new to them.
All of the guys would have they little worries but they knew what they came there for and they were determined what outcome they want to achieve that night to pay off all the hard work they put in training.
Overall all team performed amazing.
As a Coach, I couldn’t ask for more.
Everyone did they best and the outcomes were on our side in most of the cases.
We had couple of close loss decisions but these are the ones I was actually proud off the most.
In the fight as in the life is not about what you win and what you get. But who you become!!!

Krystian Ozog
Instructor/Trainer/Fighter, GMMA Academy

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