Growing together.

Growing together.

At GMMA Academy we do believe in team work.
We do believe that we can only improve, once everything around us improving too.
When I see our students getting better, stronger, wiser in fighting and martial arts.
I am very excited, because I know that I am a part of that development.
At this same time I do realise that we are stepping up another level together.
For me; instructor and training partner it means that I need to put some extra work, to help them even more, get better and better.
Everyone is different. Everyone has got different abilities, strengths and weaknesses everyone needs to be treated individually. It is ok when you do lesson 1 to 1 and all you got to do is concentrate on one person.
When you work with group off people,different age and experience,this is where the real challange is.
We are proffesionals with passion,we treat our students the way we wanna be treated.
We care about everybody coming to us and asking for help.
We wanna get the best out off everyone. And the circle closes as our students growing with us and growing within eachothers help.
Helping others will definitely increase your skills, you will get mirror image of your mistakes and it will automatically stimulate your brain to resolve the problem. 
Teaching others is simply sharing with others what you got.
It makes you happy and bring more values to your life.

photo Krystian Ozog
Instructor/Trainer/Fighter, GMMA Academy


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