I find my inspiration everywhere!

I find my inspiration everywhere!
Saturday morning. Driving my car to West London, through very peaceful and and clear (compare to last night) North circular road.Straighting up my plans of action for this weekend in my head.
Once got drawing ready in my thoughts, pressed the play button on my stereo where the newest album of Ed Sheeran has been sitting in for last few days.(Since I replaced it with the older one).
From very first sound I have begun relaxing to the music and sinking my thoughts in between the lyrics.( I am meditating while listening, if you can say that?!).
I am a great fan of Ed!
Not only because of his talent.
Because of the way he follows his dreams. Because of his bravery and hard work he put up in his life.
Because of his humbleness and helpfulness to the society at the position where all he could do is just “enjoy himself”. 
I have heard a bit about him from my sister in law (who also likes him),then found a bit more on the Internet.
At the age of 16 Ed has moved on his own to big city of London, following his dreams of becoming a great and recognised musician.
As a 17 already playing 315 gigs in a year being motivated by James Morissons record of 200.
At the age of 19 already achieved recognition in UK and having his first records published he buys ticket to Los Angeles and fly there without any contacts out there.
Playing on the streets,tube stations and small clubs got him to a point where he meets Jamie Fox who opens the door to a big world for talented and hard working Ed Sheeran.
I find his story supported by his creativity very inspiring and motivating.
I believe we can all fallow  our own dreams. Sky has no limits!
Limits are only in our heads!
If you believe in something, just find the way and work for it.
Don’t matter what is your profession,what you dreaming about.
This way you can create something better for yourself and pull along the others.

photo Krystian Ozog
Instructor/Trainer/Fighter, GMMA Academy


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