Importance of the right nutrition.

Importance of the right nutrition.
Wednesday was another great active day;
 Morning routine, meeting with Sir (my Coach), then few businesses related activities.
All that was slowed down by second day of tube strike and  extremely busy roads.
Evening boxing session, once again, very progressive.
One of our routine before the training starts and after it finishes is checking our weight.
So you monitor on daily bases how much you weight and how much you are able to drop after the session.
According to my height i should drop few kilos of my walking about weight to get more advantage.
I do eat healthy and quite regularly, but I believe that I have to educate myself more about nutrition.
I have to try different ways to see how my body reacts as each one of us is different.
As they say: what works for John my not work for Krystian.
I do ask questions I read books,  magazines and find some materials on the Internet about diet and supplements. I found it really interesting and beneficial to my life and would love to help others the right way too. Instead of telling my students kick and punch,run,squat,press ups.
I wanna be able to cover all aspects of healthy,active and progressive lifestyle.
I do believe right nutrition should be treated as a part of your training.
Not as something separate.
(One of my colleagues bodybuilders has told me once: “I train about 4-5 hours a day, half of that time I spend in the kitchen”).
You don’t have to become to crazy, but is good to have a right balance in what you eat.
“Eat to train, not train to eat”.
While ago I have been introduced to company producing and distributing organic supplements called NSP.
Nature’s Sunshine Products.
I haven’t fall in love with NSP straight away.
I wasn’t sceptic either. But needed time for research and watched them from the distance.
What is so special about them is that they are 100%  natural,organic and created to help not to make money only.
Tried some of they key products and really liked it.
It works great for me.
I have decided to learn more about bigger range of products and company itself. 
Today I do take different NSP products on a daily bases.
Products like:proteins,omega 3,probiotics,multivitamins and magnesium,there is many more i have tried but i believe these are essentials for my needs right now.
I also became distributor,what gives me some discounts and full support in further education about nutrition,products and company.
This afternoon I have participated another great meeting organised by some experienced sport and sport related specialist.
Now on my way for thaiboxing sparring session. 
And planing to finish it of with some power workouts.

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