Mental Strenght

Mental Strenght

Mental strength is one of main aspects that we are working on at GMMA Academy.
It is something that I have to constantly work on myself. Waking up early in the morning and going for long jog,running fifty times hundred metres sprints one after the other,thousand kicks in a row on the heavy bag and many other drills and exercises. I do work my speed and technique while doing all my training but what i really work on is my mental strength.
Whenever I get comfortable with some activity or some obstacles,I make some changes or do some extras to stimulate my brain.
As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts,I do strongly believe that your brain is your main weapon.
Don’t matter how strong,fast and talented you are if you give up before the finish,when you find some difficulties you will not improve as you really could.
Not giving up attitude is our Gukwoone and GuruMuayThai students main strength.
One of the reasons why i picked up Martial arts training is that it improves strong mindset and confidence which can be used in everyday life,in any career.

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