My lifestyle

My lifestyle
Passionated about the martial arts and sports.
Constantly trying to educate myself more and more.
Studying different techniques of fighting and training,learning about anatomy,psychology and diet.
As an active GMMA fighter practising and adjusting all methods on myself.
Learning process as in any other professions has got its ups and downs i am going through victory’s and failures.
Strongly believing that this is the way to success,this is the way to reaching the highest level.
All my experience make me understand more and being able to help others,that is my main aim.
I do wanna share what I’ve learnt with those who looking for some advice.

It is easy while u are surrounded by like minded people,our GMMA Academy students which are GuruMuayThai and Gukwoone practitioners all together.
However i meet some people  on my way,relatives,friends,or random people i do share part of my knowledge with.And some of them look at it as if i was punishing myself as if i was struggling.
Some of them do not understand that all the training,diet and education i am going through is what I really enjoy. It is what makes me who I am.
Makes me professional.
Keeps me focused,keeps me inspired,keeps me happy.
It is my choice,it is my joy,it is my life!

Krystian Ozog

GMMA instructor, trainer & fighter

-Guru MuayThai  Boxing classes

-Gukwoone Mixed Martial Arts classes

-GMMA Personal Trainer

Tel: 07928093841

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