On the move

On the move

Last two days were pretty progressive.
On the move since 6am to midnight.
My routine has got broken a bit but it was for good  reason.
Mornings has started as usual, jogging with my dog.
After meeting Sir and sorting out few business related things.

I’ve barely made it for Gukwoone session at Croydon (south London).
London’s traffic can really slow you down.(Had to complain a bit 🙂
Gukwoone has been very progressive.
I can clearly see the improvement what brings the joy to our training and make me feel as i am doing something right.
Saturdays Morning jog was very refreshing as we had a bit of shower outside.
Collecting t-shirts from our printing company was the next stop.
Weekly meeting with Mrs, fallowed up with Personal Training lesson straight after.
As the weather cleared up I have met my five years old client in the park.
Quick snack in the car to get some nutrition right before the thaiboxing training.
We have started of circuit training warm up which was quite tough, then moved straight to stretching,shadow boxing,and explosive pad work.
We have changed the drills on the pads and did some sparring exercises after.
As we are training traditional MuayThai,we also train with weapon.
Instead of swords we are using double sticks to practise Krabi Krabong techniques.
To finish off we all sparred,boxing only.
Every session is different,every session brings something new,
every session brings better out of everyone of us!

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