I believe that persistence is the key word to achieve any of our goals,
don’t matter what profession,scale or nature they are. 
If you are student,teacher,builder,businessman,scientist,artist or athlete.
Whatever you do,if you believe in the end results,you got to make a plan (your plan can always adjust while you get more experience and some of the circumstances changes) and execute it patiently till you reach where you wanted to.
I am always trying to improve in sports,professional and privatl life.
I feel like if I am not improving I am staying still or even making steps back.
Thats why GMMA Academy principals covers up  with my own smoothly and it is so easy for me to pass it over and help others to improve they own.
Hard work, dedication, self discipline,persistence thats the only way to SUCCESS.
GuruMuayThai and Gukwoone students  cannot complain about lack of those values.
In many cases we are getting excited over some plans but when it gets harder we backing off making thousands excuse.
There’s no other way there’s no shot cuts.
What comes easy,goes easy too.
Only something builded with solid foundations can survive the hard times. 
Wherever you going to remember why you moved that way at the first point!
Krystian Ozog

GMMA instructor, trainer & fighter

-Guru MuayThai  Boxing classes

-Gukwoone Mixed Martial Arts classes

-GMMA Personal Trainer

Tel: 07928093841

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