Power of mind

Power of mind

Everything in our life has been controlled  by our brains.
Don’t matter what circumstances we are in,only we can block ourselves or push to the next level.
The more I train,fight and work with people,the more I understand about humans brain mechanism.
Our minds will naturally look for the shortcuts and play some games with us.

They can make us doubt very obvious facts,and make us concentrate on things don’t really matter or not even exist.
Over my training and fighting experience I have learnt that, trained body can take a lot.
If there is anything stopping us is mainly our inner self.
That’s why I put so much pressure on constant training and challenging myself,meditation and education.
When I feel strong and full of energy often I do find some new strategies and training techniques,putting more pressure and planning how to get to the next stage.
Then in a process of executing my plans,just like everyone else I begin to sabotage myself.
Tiredness,obstacles,excuses and laziness trying to take over.
But this is where real you comes out!
This is when training begins!
This is when we are improving!
Not only in physical training but in any other profession,the key to success is to create a good plan with flexible mindset.And continue achieving your goals, one by one, playing around the difficulties which comes your way.
For me that’s the only way to have peaceful sleep at night.
I cannot go to bed anymore knowing that, today I haven’t done enough.

photo Krystian Ozog
Instructor/Trainer/Fighter, GMMA Academy


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