Sharing energy

Sharing energy

It was an amazing and very productive weekend for GMMA Academy!
We all learnt another lesson and earned more experience.
Performing and sharing our values at great event at one of  West London academy’s visited by over hundred thousand people.
Gukwoone and GuruMuayThai Students,all together created fantastic show with some great atmosphere.
Our youngest students couldn’t hide their excitement as well as bit of nervous before the show.
My job was to make sure everyone have a great day and show exactly what they know the best.
Our demo was drilled and ready to go.
Under pressure many of us loose the confidence,composure and simple things begin to look difficult.
That’s why it is so important to share your experience and give your support to others.
Kids can achieve amazing things with right guidance and support.
They have to believe in you as a instructor as they have to believe in themselves.
That makes them stop thinking and let themselves go to achieve what they want.
Kids having incredible energy while they having fun.
Seeing they smiling faces and their excitement,gives me massive kick and makes me feel that we are doing something really important.
I wanna do it more and better.

Krystian Ozog

GMMA instructor, trainer & fighter

-Guru MuayThai  Boxing classes

-Gukwoone Mixed Martial Arts classes

-GMMA Personal Trainer

Tel: 07928093841

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