Stay positive

Stay positive
As I have mentioned before, my martial arts experience is something that helps me many different ways.
As a fighter I work on conditioning of my body and brain. Practise how to stay focused under the pressure and how to learn from defeat.
As a instructor I do learn how to work with people and always looking for best way to help develop each one of them.
That is great university of fitness, psychology, nutrition and many others related subjects.
As a Gukwoone and GuruMuayThai student I do practise and develop my skills constantly as there is so much to learn.
Whatever I do; fight, coach or learn I try to do it best I can.
I try to stay positive.
I want all GMMA students and people surrounding me to be positive too.
Life is short,as long as you put right effort in whatever you wanna achieve,there is no need to stress.
All difficulties are learning process. Frustration after defeat, anger of not being able to perform the way you would like to or any other negative feelings are always going to trouble our heads.
One thing you have to remember is what brought you this way and what was your aim aim at the first place.
Whatever you do, give yourself time.
Work hard, believe in yourself and stay positive.

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