Thursday my rest Day!

Thursday my rest Day!

Woke up as usual 6 o clock in the morning, took my beloved dog (Rumba) for jog,dropped my wife off to the station then got prepared for all day.
First stop this morning was printers shop as they emailed me that our sample tshirt is going to be ready today.
Collected tshirt thought that it looks great and hoped that Sir(my coach)and Mrs(my second coach)gonna like it.
Met Sir at one of our usual meeting places(nice local restaurant).
Today’s meeting subject was GuruMuayThai (our Thai Boxing school) Gradings.
Sir has introduced me to the new Grading programme,then we talked it over to make sure i do understand everything. I am very excited over that plan as i believe student gonna like it and it will make them feel that they making another step forward in they life.That they passion and hard work can be measured and rewarded.
There is a lot of preparation gonna be involved on my side.
That’s what make it extra interesting for me.
Sir has approved the Tshirt with minor change.
Waited for Mrs to have a look at it too.Mrs suggested that the quote at the back should be a bit bigger to make it more visible.
I have ordered bulk number of a tees after all the changes.
Next step was leafleting,door to door distribution around our gym area.Quick dinner in between with sharing,emailing,texting and calling break.

Supposed to go for sparring session with some other (friendly) thai-boxing-classes gym fighters.
But as i didn’t feel great(some sort off flu is catching up)since morning and as i was running late and didn’t have rest day for long time.
Decided to give my body some time to recover and catch up with my office work.
I don’t usually do that(I don’t skip training) but i believe it could be right time for it and hopefully tomorrow i will feel better.

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