Woke up as usual at 6am.
Shortened my morning jog a bit due to the further plans.
Further plans including sprints in the park near by one of my friends and training partners home.
We started of light jog and bit of stretching.
Then made our 200m routine a bit more interesting, one of us would pass the start line three steps forward.
Good way to stimulate your brain and push yourself a bit more.
Even doing sprints you tend to slack sometimes.
In our case of scenario one is trying to catch up, the other is trying not to get caught.
It really works!
As I’ve done some boxing last night, after stretching we moved straight to kicks drills still working on the speed. Using focus mitts.
Then we changed for the Thai pads and worked some power kicks and knees starting from the squat position. That was a real killer.
Fallow up with  few light contact combinations and boxing pad work with a lot of movement side to side.
We called it very good and progressive morning session.
My plan for the evening is a long jog on the treadmill, long good stretching and an hour of sparring session with some great fighters from one off friendlyg thaiboxin gyms in central London.
We usually finish it with some nice clinch work…
…Feeling great after sparring session!
My plan was simply; be responsive, double up on each received combo, mix up and change the angles.
Don’t get damaged or don’t damage. Mission complete!

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