Training camp.

Training camp.
Last weekend we,GMMA Academy,have travelled to Wales for training camp.
Trained with local Thai boxing gym “Celtic Pride” on Saturday morning.They are very passionated,respectful and friendly crowd.When we got back to our place we have done some more workouts,pad work and drills.
After having some snacks and a bit of rest we all jumped in the minibus which took us to one of the hills close by,recommended by some local runners.

We have drove right to the top and decided to run down and back up again.
The Hill was pretty steep.
I’ve got to say that we were lucky with weather,if there was a bit of rain some parts of that route would be very hard to get even walking.
Running up at the good pace and trying not to slow down or stop was a great challenge.
When we got up we had a quick stretching and have done some short uphill races on the small slope.
Then we run down again where we got picked up from and driven back to our accommodation for well deserved dinner.
After all there was a party time.
We work hard,we play hard.
Drove about 45min to capital of Wales,Cardiff where we had bit of fun on the dance floor.
Obviously that was late night for all of us.
9am wake up,had some breakfast,waited half an hour for food to digest (not enough :-),then jogged to the local leisure centre where we used running tracks for variation of different length of sprints.
When we got back to our place we stretched and moved onto strength and conditioning training,fallowed by pad work and uphill sprints in between.

We have worked out till dinner,prepared by our coaches (Master chefs) was ready.
I haven’t enjoyed every bite of my meal like this for very long time.
Food  was delicious on its own. But all that hard work over the past couple  of days made me enjoy much more simple things like;quick shower,sip of water,warm and soft bed.
It was very much needed for all of us for different reasons.
Not only because of extreme training.
But more for us to spent some time together,having fun,more time to talk and listen to each other.
For couple of days stay away from work,personal problems and rush of every days life.
For couple of days hanging around like minded people,sharing your passion,emotions.
Learning from each other and keeping each other motivated.

photo Krystian Ozog
Instructor/Trainer/Fighter, GMMA Academy


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