Training in Malaysia.

Training in Malaysia.

So here we go!
As I have mentioned in previous post, (back to the roots ) we are in Malaysia, motherland of GMMA Academy.
I am currently sitting on the coach from Kuala Lumpur,to the city called Sungai Petani where our training is going to begin tomorrow morning.
I’ve got to say as much I can’t wait for it to start,that day and half of rest and sightseeing after long flight was very much needed.
I did feel exhausted,even this morning after about 8 hours of sleep.
I did feel jet lag.
Now sitting on the coach,looking through the window at beautiful landscapes about what I have already experienced, what I am going to experience and what do I want to experience.
All that brings me to conclusion that I am expecting next three days to be most interesting out of all our training trip.
We are going to have great pleasure to train with two of GMMA Academy inventors. As well as two of the living legends on the kick boxing, Muay Thai, boxing , boxing and Taekwondo scene.
They have been everywhere and fought everyone.
Moving around the Britain,wearing name and logo of our club we have brought back memories to many people who are in the fighting business for a while.
Many people would talk to us and mention about how good the brothers were and showing us respect as a members of the club.
All this trip has been exciting and I am sure is all going to be great experience.
But I believe that next three days spent with our Coaches are going to be the greatest out of all.

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