Why do we practise weapons?
GMMA academy uses four types of weapons.
At the Gukwoone training we are working with: double sticks, nunchak, tonquas and sai.

In GuruMuayThai training we are using double sticks  instead of swords as in the ancient MuayThai style called Krabi Krabong.

There is many ways that training with weapons can help you develop. 
It will definitely improve your imagination, vision(in terms of seeing the movements clearer), reaction, coordination and body movement.
Using weapons you will master your distance judgement, in and out movement, changing the angles and extending your reach when striking with correct twist.
As my coach “SIR” says “you got to become friends with weapons”, that’s how you understand the way it works, you minimise the fear and look for the way out.
In the moment of danger you learn how to fight against the weapon or use it to protect yourself. 
If you look at it closely you will realise that principles of using any cold weapon are very similar to those when you strike with your fists,elbows,knees or legs.
Don’t forget that as a martial artist you are training to use your eight limbs as a weapon.

Krystian Ozog

GMMA instructor, trainer & fighter

-Guru MuayThai  Boxing classes

-Gukwoone Mixed Martial Arts classes

-GMMA Personal Trainer

Tel: 07928093841



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