Yoga for fighters.

Yoga for fighters.
For a long time I’ve been planning to try some yoga classes.
Recently I’ve been looking for some new ways of improving my flexibility and some new stretching techniques. 
As one of my PT student couldn’t make it today,I have started planning my own afternoon training.
Checking the schedule of the classes in one of the gyms I train at.
I have found position called Budokon yoga.

Description of the classes says:
“Budokon combines yoga, martial arts, meditation and animal movements”.
I thought:”this is perfect”!
Always wanted to try yoga.
I have made my research about different types of yoga and thought that this is one of most interesting and accurate type in terms of what I am looking for. 
Also reading description reminded me video of animal movements presentation, made by one of American fitness network that I have watched and got impressed by,while ago.
It looked very crafty and acrobatic.
I always thought it would be great to be able perform like that.
Class was mixed, man and women.
There was relaxing music plying quietly in the background.
Instructor, would tell the instructions with very calm voice.
Most of the practitioners would already know some of the moves and would flow along.
I did my best to follow, relax and stretch as much as I could.
All the poses were changed in slow pace so it was quite easy to adjust.
I found Budokon yoga great way to improve not only flexibility but also balance, coordination, concentration and flow of the movement.
Class has finished with short lie down on the matt and traditional Indian greeting; “Namaste” in lotus position.
After all I have took 20 minutes of sauna relaxing and thinking about Budokon experience.
It was great class and I have made good choice by going there.
I am sure I am going to come back.

photo Krystian Ozog
Instructor/Trainer/Fighter, GMMA Academy


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