You don’t run, you don’t fight.

You don’t run, you don’t fight.

You don’t run,you don’t fight.
I’ve heard this saying while ago in the gym and personally I have took it deep into my heart.
The further you get with your fighting experience the more it takes.
Every little ability can make huge difference on that final decision on the referees score cards.

I believe that the real fight begins after third bell,when you both tested each other,you possibly know your strengths and weaknesses.
Now it shows who has got more strength and who has worked harder in preparation for it.
Who has done that extra push at the end of the series,who has kicked the pads with better effort,who has punched the bag without giving up right on the sped and power right to the end of the round.
It shows who has honestly woke up bit early in every morning to do some running while everyone else turning on the other side in their beds.
Of course, running everyday is not enough.
It is all about how you run?!
I have been running a lot since I was sixteen.At the age of eighteen I have completed my first marathon.
Jogging long distance was never my problem.I would put some weights on my ankles and wrists to make it harder.But the real challenge has begun when i started working on speed by doing some fast continues runs,intervals,sprints.
Today on Sunday 23rd of November me and few other GMMA Academy members we took a part in 10k charity run at South London (Wimbledon area).
We have raised some money for children in need and donated it to “Good life foundation“.
At this same time we have tested ourselves against some good runners.
I do totally agree with Great British boxer Carl Froch,who said that; fighters are semi-professional runners.
It is another way to stronger your legs muscles and bones,as well as toughen up your will power and not giving up attitude.

photo Krystian Ozog
Instructor/Trainer/Fighter, GMMA Academy


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