Your brain is your weapon.

Your brain is your weapon.
 As i have mentioned in my previous post,my actual training is divided in two:
technique and accuracy,speed and conditioning.

Where speed and conditioning are the main part of preparation for my next thaiboxing fight.
Wanna push myself over the limit, stimulate my brain so the only two things can stop me during the fight ;bell or referee.
Of course, your body has to be prepared.
But it is the inner voice of yours, that you to mainly work on.
It can be your worst enemy or the biggest ally.
In between my busy schedule I’ve got ups and downs just like everyone of us.
Sometimes I feel like my training, my routine and even some extra workouts not having results that i would wish for. Sometimes my body and brain telling me they need some rest. But as i know when you rest someone else is training hard to get better.
I am searching for some inspiration,trying to get results with nutrition or more sleep.
The truth is that all you got to remember is your motive.
Why you doing all this, why you choose this way and where you going to.
That’s the only way to stay focused and keep on moving towards your goals.
Keep on moving through your tiredness, laziness, all of the excuses and any kind of weakness.
Preparation for the fight and fight itself has exactly the same principles as any other challenges people make in they lives.
Business activities, studying, building family, dropping weight, climbing the mountain, or building a house.
Every body’s path is different, all of us got different challenges in our lives.
Where ever I am with my life sport has always helped me, kept me together and made me improve.
That’s one of the reasons (very important one), why I wanna recommend and promote sports to everyone.


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