In memory of Sam

In memory of Sam

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”
– Muhammad Ali


If you were lucky enough to meet Sam in or outside of the gym, you would definitely agree that above quote was the essence of Sam’s existence.
His passion and desire of becoming the best in whatever he did was very impressive and inspiring.
Sam was a pure Martial Artist, true warrior and true Champion inside and out. He would carry it with him wherever he went.

Sam has always had that rare and amazing gift of mixing tough, hard working attitude with lots of joy and happiness.
He was always pushing himself and others to and over their limits while having fun and bringing big smile on people’s faces.
His kindness and helpfulness were some of his greatest attributes.
He was very proud of being part of  GMMA Team and being GuruMuayThai Instructor. His aim was always to make sure that everyone was getting the best they could out of what we do. He would unquestionably go out of his own way to help others. Always doing extra and constantly looking for new ways to improve. He has been an extraordinary Student and Instructor.


Witnessing Sam’s transformation from a tough looking bodybuilder to sleek and skillful Thaiboxer over past few years – was an amazing journey.
As a open-minded person who was willing to do whatever it took to follow his vision and achieve his goals, Sam would live a pro-athletes life while doing his full time job and number of extra shifts.  He never complained or looked for an excuses, always pushing hard and following his decisions.

It is a heartbreaking  and shocking that Sam has lost his life so early and that it has happened the way it did.
This feels like a bad dream.
We all expect to wake up from it and see Sam as usual at the next Saturdays GuruMuayThai session. Earlier than everyone, already sweating from his warm up run, bag work or cycling to the gym. With his body shining and smelling of Thai oil. With big smile on his face he will welcome and invite us for some light sparring to tune up for the actual training.
It’s hard to imagine our training without Sam.

We will keep him deep in our hearts forever.




  • Louis - Reply
    Compared to some I didn't know Sam very well; But in the brief time that I spent with him I could tell exactly how good of a person he was. He was always smiling and making jokes, and very much helped to keep morale high during the thai boxing classes. Despite dreading sparring with him every week (an experience I usually came out of with a few more bruises than I would have liked), I will miss his presence greatly both in and out of the classes. One particularly fond memory I have of him is one time when myself and a few others from gmma were at a competition. I had only come along to support and wasn't fighting. After the event ended, my dad was supposed to come and pick me up, but of course, in his typical fashion, was tremendously late. Sam insisted to stay behind and wait with me despite having come straight from work and not having slept that night, and me assuring him I would be okay. What was supposed to be a 10 minute wait turned into an hour. In this time Sam had bought me a drink, offered to buy me food and instead of expressing annoyance for the long wait, made jokes about it and was very nice towards me. He didn't have to wait with me, but he chose to because that was the kind of guy he was. I had always liked him but our conversations had always been brief until then. I felt as though I got to know him better and am grateful for that as getting to know someone like Sam was really a privilege. When my dad finally arrived, he apologised. Sam acted as though it was no big deal and replied with "we are family at guru, we look after each other". I am sad that u didn't get a chance to get to know sam better. I will miss him, Louis
  • Louis - Reply
    **sad that I didn't get a chance to know him better
  • Françoise Inthasane - Reply
    I can't imagine Gmma without Sam , a true fighter with a diamond heart. Not only he possessed an incredible gift of making us laugh, he also had the patience to teach us how to punch or kick and wouldn't give up until we got it right. His passion for people and his contagious happiness was the essence of the class. I am so grateful to have met you Sam. You will always be with us..
  • Filip - Reply
    Sam had great attitude and influence on everyone around him. He was a happy but serious person with positive drive. Sam has been motivation to me and I think to anybody else. Hope he is in better place now. Rest in peace.
  • Arriane Eva Morrin - Reply
    We Love you Sam ! We will miss you so much ! You are already greatly missed but we will always remember you and your big heart. Such a kind human being. You have left only a Love imprint in people's hearts. You will be greatly missed !
  • Bilal - Reply
    I always used to think that if I don't work hard enough Sir Krys will put me with Sam and I will be punished. I used to pray that Sam gets tired so I don't have to work hard. But he never got tired. Pain, bruises, pulled muscles. I have always seen him smiling and pushing me harder to mentally prepare myself. I always used to look for him in the class if he is coming today. Our class will be full of motivation and noisy, on every kick and every punch I will hear him. I used to run into him coming back from work. I used to hide that if he see me he will ask me. "Brother, what is the problem with you? Why I don't see you in the class? Take it easy don't be hard on yourself. Come over, learn and enjoy with us". I will still look for him in the class. I pray that LORD ALMIGHTY give his soul happiness and peace. REST IN PEACE MY DEAR FRIEND
  • Gohar Ghouse - Reply
    My condolences to Sam,s family and friends I've known Sam for number of years it was obvious what a good man and nice man he was always friendly and welcoming To me and a likeable man you will be missed . RIP SAM From Gohar TBFA
  • Eliza - Reply
    We all miss you so much Sam, and we are always thinking of you <3

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